77s “20 Years Gone” 2015 Tour

20 Years Gone: After 20 years as a trio, Michael Roe, Mark Harmon and Bruce Spencer have decided to collect, remaster and release a group of recordings that best reflect the band’s most successful achievements after having ‘gone three piece’ in 1995 for an album entitled 20 Years Gone. Much more than your usual ‘greatest hits’ or ‘best of’collection, this album brings together every group member’s most treasured musical moments. Not content to sit back and simply put this new collection out by itself, the guys are committed to bringing these beloved trio tunes to life in a 20 Years Gone Tour this November.

Mike says, “While reviewing the music the three of us recorded over the last 20 years, I was surprised again and again by how amazing some of this stuff was that we had overlooked or nearly forgotten about. While trying to survive some tumultuous and occasionally very painful personal times during those two decades, we also somehow managed to produce an interesting body of work that reflected both our joys and our struggles during those times. While we are currently very busy writing and recording new material, we are also anxious to reacquaint both our hardcore and casual fans with what we feel is our personal best work as a trio in the studio. There’s a little something here for just about everybody, including a few unreleased, remixed and alternate versions of familiar tunes. The remastering is superb and makes every one of these songs sound cleaner, punchier and better than ever! Now we can’t wait to get on the road and play many of these songs we’ve either never tried or haven’t performed in a very long time.” Be sure to check 77s.com/concerts.html for tour dates near you and your chance to get this exclusive CD collection.



Source- 77s / Lo-Fidelity Records


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