Disciple Releases “Sayonara” Single From Hard-Hitting Vultures EP

Disciple’s new single, “Sayonara,” off of their recent “Vultures” EP is out now. The Hard-hitting, ‘Vultures’ EP features 6 songs originally written for on their, ‘Attack,’ release.

Vultures, released Sept. 25 from veteran hard rock act Disciple, is not your average EP. The six songs were first written for 2014’s Dove Award nominated Attack, but while of equal musical quality, the tracks didn’t quite fit thematically. The result is the Vultures EP, with a title that references the process of scavenging from leftover songs to create something new. “The whole reason most of these songs didn’t make the Attack album was they just felt darker lyrically and did not fit in with the positive and empowering theme of Attack,” explains Disciple frontman and founder Kevin Young. “Vultures is definitely emotionally darker, dealing with the darker side of life and Christ’s redemption in those moments.”

Vultures is the second release in a new era for Disciple. After over 20 years of hard-won experience through ten studio albums and countless miles on the road, Disciple chose to take the independent path with a brand new lineup currently consisting of Kevin Young (vocals), Josiah Prince (guitar), Andrew Stanton (guitar) and Joey West (drums). “I have been there for every incarnation of Disciple and have loved being a part of all of them. Each one of them brought their own unique style to the band’s writing,” Young says of his band’s history. “One of the things that sets the new guys apart is that they are always writing, and we are never short on material.”

That unique musical chemistry has proved instantly rewarding, resulting in the caliber of Attack and now Vultures.

“There is also a definite unity in the new lineup,” Young affirms. “We are really big fans of each other as songwriters, and we love collaborating and working together. So the songs you hear are songs that were created as a team, and it makes a big difference.”

Musically, Vultures is also a snapshot of the band’s transition. In addition to drummer Trent Reiff stepping down partway through the Attack writing process, bass player and backing vocalist Jason Wilkes would depart the band several months after the album’s release. But their contributions to this era of Disciple live on through Vultures. “All the guys in the band during the Attack album were involved in the writing, including Jason Wilkes,” Young explains. “The song ‘Sayonara’ was actually inspired from a guitar riff that our former drummer Trent Reiff wrote before departing the band. It was cool to be able have his fingerprint on a new song.” To make the creative team complete, Disciple recorded Vultures in Nashville with producer Matt Arcaini, who worked with the band on previous releases Horseshoes & Handgrenades and O God Save Us All.

The darker nature Young hinted at for Vultures is immediately apparent in tracks like hard-edged “Awakening” or the vulnerable ballad “Breaking Down.” Reflecting on “Breaking Down,” Young shares “the lyrics are dealing with someone who is drowning in sin. That really is something that we all deal with as human beings, at some point in our lives. It is about being honest with God and taking responsibility for what you’ve done, and then breaking down before Him and asking Him to put the pieces of your life back together.”

This level of raw relatability matched with the unshakable truth of the grace of God has become a trademark trait of Disciple’s music, connecting with audiences across the country through ceaseless touring. The band’s unstoppable momentum and relentless DIY work ethic will take them across the country again in 2016 to reprise their spot on the City Rockfest tour with Seventh Day Slumber, and next year will also see them back in the studio. Young reveals “on the day Vultures was released, we already had 95% of our new album written. Hopefully, we will be able to put out another new album next year.”

Throughout the relentless pace of their touring schedule, the full recording calendar and the lineup transitions that have marked this chapter for Disciple, Young is clear that the band’s passion has remained the same. “Our ministry has always been to write songs that would draw people closer to Jesus, no matter where they are in their relationship with Him,” he explains. “We don’t just write songs for non-believers. We want to write songs that help Christians as well, because becoming a Christian is only the beginning. Walking and growing in Christ and ultimately living like He did is our ultimate goal. And we want to provide the soundtrack for people’s lives as they are walking on that journey.”

Vultures is now available through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Gumroad. You can connect with Disciple through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and official website.

About Disciple

Since their formation in 1992, Disciple has released 10 studio albums and 15 no. 1 radio singles, including the songs “After the World,” “Dear X” and “Angels and Demons.” Their work has earned them multiple GMA Dove Award nominations along with sports placements through outlets like ESPN and WWE. The band’s explosive live show has taken them across the country and overseas through countless concerts, including a stint on WinterJam West Coast in 2014.

Website- http://disciplerocks.com

Source- Disciple


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