Hizreturn’s New Single, ‘Take My Hand,’ a Collaboration with Gar Francis

(Album cover design: Monique Grimme - Photoclub © 2015)

(Album cover design: Monique Grimme – Photoclub © 2015)

Hallelujah we are celebrating as we announce the new upcoming single by Hizreturn ! This single is a collaboration between Garage Rocker Gar Francis and California Christian band Hizreturn.

Producer- songwriter- Grammy member Gar Francis is well known with his band The Doughboys, the latest Garage Rock release album by Mark Lindsay (former lead singer of Paul Revere& The Raiders) and writing the Coolest Song In The World on the Underground Garage Sirius/XM Ch21, but is also known for having original songs available from his extended music library of songs in multiple genres.

A couple of months ago when Hizreturn signed with Bongo Boy Records, James Boland shared with Monique Grimme how Hizreturn came about in writing the song on the Deliverer album called “Forever More”. James told Monique that

Mike Angelette had written the music and James wrote the lyrics for the song. She then presented James with Gar’s song called “Take My Hand”. Gar Francis had written the music with a chorus and was looking for a band to finish the song. Over the next few weeks James worked on putting together the music with lyrics and wrote one verse. After recording the first demo track it was suggested the song needed a second verse; which band member Mike Angelette wrote. Hizreturn completed the final mix of the song “Take My Hand”. In writing the verses James wanted to build on the idea of Jesus being our example for leading us through this life on into eternity in heaven. The lyrics for the first verse were inspired by John 14:2 in The Bible.

“Take My Hand” was recorded at Mountain Dog Music Works Recording Studio in Oak View, Ca.
Release Date: October 20, 2015

Hizreturn is: Mike Angelette Lead Vocals, Hammond Organ, Piano, Guitar, and backing Vocals, Timothy Herrera on Drums, Bill Brogan on Lead Guitar and James Boland on Bass Guitar.


Source- Bongo Boy Records


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