Fearless BND Releases New Single and Video, “Jump Around”

(LOS ANGELES, CA) — Groundbreaking modern worship group FEARLESS BND, formerly known as Worth Dying For, releases the second of twelve monthly singles today. Their new song, “Jump Around,” is available at iTunes, and the high-energy music video premiered at http://www.ChristianConcertAlerts.com.

“‘Jump Around” is a bass-rich dance celebration of life in Christ, says FEARLESS BND’s Christy Johnson, while ChristianConcertAlerts says that the song “will send listeners dancing around wherever they may be.”

In September, FEARLESS BND kicked off an ambitious release schedule, with plans to release a new single on the first Friday of every month for twelve consecutive months, along with music videos, lyric videos, tutorials, chord charts and much more. The band, which is the sound of worship at Fearless LA, will provide everything they use at their church with the hope of making it easier for pastors and worship leaders to incorporate the music and resources for their own church use.

For more information on FEARLESS BND, visit

Source- Nashville Publicity Group


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