Silversyde’s New Single, “Closer,” Deals With Bullying

Female fronted band Silversyde new single, “Closer,” deals with the hurt and pain that comes along with bullying.

The song highlights the band’s passionate lead vocals, thick guitars and thick drumbeats sound.

The band’s songs come off with a real feel thanks to them coming from personal experiences.

Silversyde’s songs are filled with messages that reach out to those in need from issues like bullying and addiction problems and other behaviors that tear at the human soul. The band’s messages though are positive and filled with hope, help, healing, forgiveness and strength through the adversity.

Talking about, “Closer,” band lead singer Laura says, “this is a song written from personal experience, as most of the pain in my life has been caused by the hurtful words of bullying. This song speaks of not responding to the bully but instead letting God handle it and seeking peace and forgiveness.”



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