Review for Carrollton’s ‘Sunlight and Shadows’ EP

Artist: Carrollton
Title: ‘Sunlight and Shadows’

Carrollton’s second album is the 8-track ep entitled, ‘Sunlight and Shadows.’ The ep offers up several sides of the band’s music from roots rock to pop and all out rocking songs that are found on it.

The ep is on Centricity Music and was produced by Tedd T (for King & Country, Newsboys), Christopher Stevens (Michael W. Smith, Mandisa) and Carrollton. The eight songs that make up the ep break down as being five original tracks that were co-written by the group and three acoustic tunes from the Jetlag Studio sessions.

The opening track, “More Now,” is an up tempo pop/ rock song that talks about keeping and growing your faith when going through the battles of life that we all face. That if it takes falling to let go and trust God more being okay with that happening in your life knowing in the end it’s all gonna work out for the better.

“Let Love Win,” is another up tempo number that was written by six different songwriters including four band members. The song deals with all the senseless violence that is happening now in the world set against God’s message of peace. “The love of Jesus is the only hope we have to break the chains of hate,” explains Justin Mosteller, lead vocalist and guitarist for Carrollton. The song is also the first radio single from the ep.

“Meant To Be,” deals with letting go of trying to control your life and following God’s guidance for your life knowing that He will put you where you’re suppose to be.

“Tell Me,” and “Holding On To You,” are both medium tempo tracks that conclude the first part of the ep. Then things switch gears and the last three songs offer up a more spirited vibe that’s found on them driven by passion soaked vocals that will flow out of your speakers.

“Withered (The Jetlag Sessions),” and “Open Wide (The Jetlag Sessions)” are more melodic acoustic tracks offering up a roots rock sound. The songs talk about opening your heart, restarting your faith, overcoming past shame and guilt feelings and accepting God’s hope and forgiveness in your life.

“Free to Live,” is my favorite track with it’s foot stomping up tempo rocking style.

Good music and lyrics are found on all eight tracks of this new ep from Carrollton. Do yourself a favor and worship in all the love and hope that, ‘Sunlight and Shadows,’ has to offer.

By C.W. Ross


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