Interview with Featured Band, Christian Rocker’s Sine Cera

I found out about this band in an unusual way. I was looking around my local Craigslist under the, ‘Musicians,’ section and found a posting from this band so I figured I’d check them out. I followed the links and was impressed by their rocking sound.

The band has been compared to Fireflight and Flyleaf and I think it’s a good comparison with their high energy sound and female lead vocals.

I like how their press material describes them as, ‘a group of sincere, born again Christians with a passion for headbanging in service to the Savior they were put on this earth to glorify. With a clear focus on Christ, partnered with a drive to rock.’

If you like to rock it out for God then you need to check out this band and get their music.


I want to thank the band for agreeing to the interview below with me.

Sine Cera Interview:

CW 1- In your band’s bio. you mention that your name, Sine Cera, is Latin for, “sincerity.” How did you find and decide to use it for your name?

Tyson: The name came from a story in sermon I heard years ago. If ancient potters made a pot that had cracks in it, the dishonest ones would fill in the cracks with wax and sell it anyway. But eventually the wax would melt, and the buyer was left with a useless product. So the honest sellers began marking their pots with the Latin phrase “sine cera”, literally meaning “without wax”. This eventually became our English word “sincere”. We loved the story and like the ring it had to it, so we chose to call ourselves Sine Cera to reflect our desire to be sincere in our faith.

CW 2- How long has the band been together and how did you first get started?

Tyson: Me and the original guitar player started the band right after high school, about 2009. We recruited Tonya (my sister) and another girl, who sang for us. The guitar player eventually went to college, and the singer got married, and both left the band before we really got serious. So Tonya started singing and Logan (our younger brother) began learning bass so he could play with us. We settled in as a trio around 2012, and soon began playing shows and recording demos.

CW 3- To someone that has never heard your band’s music before how would you describe your sound?

Tonya: We’re hard to compare. We do a lot of heavy stuff, but a lot of light acoustic stuff as well. I would say at points we’re Skillet/Flyleaf/Red, and at other points we’re similar to Kutless or even Chris Tomlin.

CW 4- Are you going after a specific audience with your music?

Tonya: Youth and young adults are our target audience

CW 5- What do you hope that people will take away from listening to your music?

Tonya: a. That people would feel encouraged to step out and make a difference in the world.
b. That people would realize there is a God who’s waiting for them, not like a judge with a gavel, but like a father with open arms.

CW 6- What is your favorite song to perform? And what makes it so special to the band?

Tonya: My personal favorite is our closer, “Want to Know You,” because that’s really what it’s all about: knowing Jesus and inviting others to know Him.

Tyson: As for the whole band, the favorite is “Fall Apart,” because it’s loud and it’s energetic and fun. We can just let go of everything and go nuts, get the crowd going. And its a song everybody can relate to. We all face times when things just seem like nothings going right, and the song is a plea for help when we get it over our heads.

CW 7- If you could open for any band who would it be?

Tonya: Even though she doesn’t do much music anymore, it’d be cool to open for Rebecca St. James. She’s been a long time favorite of mine.

Tyson: Maybe Skillet. They’ve inspired us so much, we’d love to gig with them. I enjoy big production shows, and you just can’t beat Skillet’s live show.

CW 8- Have you ever had any either funny or special moments happen while performing live?

Tyson: Just last weekend we were finishing up one of our faster songs, and as I wound up for the last cymbal crash, my drumstick got hooked inside my glasses, and I flung them across the stage. It was like, I blinked and couldn’t see anymore. I got Logan’s attention, and he managed to find them and get them back up to me before Tonya started the next song. Most of the audience totally missed it, but me and Logan were dying.

CW 9- Are you doing any touring now?

Tyson: Right now we are just playing occasional shows, no touring. Tonya just got married, Logan just graduated and started working, and I do some work with other projects, so we all are pretty busy. We’ve had a few offers, but so far have not been able to make the commitment to dive into touring. Hopefully sometime soon we can make it happen!

Right now we are gearing up for Uprise Festival, September 18-19th in Shippensburg Pa. It will be our first major Christian festival appearance, and we are very excited. As a fan, Uprise has been my favorite festival, and I can’t wait to play there!

CW 10- What albums do you have out now for people to buy?

Tyson: We have 3 Eps. Our first demo was a simple homemade album called Fall Apart. Its not great, haha, and we dont sell it anymore. Next we did an acoustic album called Stipped Away. It sold out, and we released a remastered short run of physical discs this year, which are again almost all gone. It is available for download on though!

Then in 2013 we released our latest album, called Set Me In Motion. It is available on all major digital retailers. We are long overdue for some new tunes, and they are on the way! We are in the studio as I type, answering questions between takes! Stay tuned!


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