Review for Jim Sonefeld’s, ‘Love,’ EP

Artist: Jim Sonefeld
Title: ‘Love’ EP

Jim Sonefeld’s life has had it’s share of ups & downs but he’s proved the power of God’s redemption. Sonefeld was raised in a Catholic family in Naperville, IL. After graduating from the University of South Carolina he became part of the band Hootie & the Blowfish. As you know the band had great success with their major label debut, ‘Cracked Rear View,’ selling 16 million copies, two Grammy Awards and many succesfull tours. With all that success though came the sadly often associated problems of fame and Sonefeld started abusing drugs and alcohol.

At the end of 2004 Sonefeld sought out help via a 12-Step program and began a, ‘spiritual housecleaning that included a renewed relationship with God.’

With encouragement from his wife Laura he began writing contemporary Christian music. Sonefeld has released three independent rock-based projects in the last four years; ‘Found’ (2012), ‘In’ (2014), and ‘Love’ (2015).

Sonefeld mainly performs his new music for charities, churches, or Celebrate Recovery®, a Christ-centered addiction recovery program while Hootie & the Blowfish still perform 4-5 times a year to support the Hootie & the Blowfish Foundation, benefiting South Carolina charities.

‘Love,’ is a 5 track EP filled with messages of, hope, redemption, grace and having a daily relationship with God.

Sonefeld says, “Releasing my latest project, ‘Love’, is an extension of the gratitude I have for God.” Sonefeld continues on saying, “He took this sinful, addicted, unsure songwriter and lifted me from a pit of desperation to the high place of serving Him. I’m confident God will keep inspiring my songwriting and put me on a path where he can best use me. I don’t know where that path will lead, but I fully trust in Him and will faithfully follow.”

The five songs were written by Sonefeld so they lyrics are coming straight from his heart. While the songs were produced by, Matt Houston, Sanchez Fair, Les Hall, Stan Lynch and Billy Chapin.

‘Love,’ starts off with, “Not Waiting on Sunday,” a track that talks about not being a one day a week Christian. The need to get on our knees and pray and have a relationship with God every day of the week. It’s followed by, “The Cross Before the Crown,” a rich sounding track including a violin opening that deals with the need to not get caught up in the trappings of this world and to keep our eyes on serving God. “Are We Prepared To Fly?,” features some nice controlled guitar parts and deals with the need to be ready to follow God’s path for our life. “The Jesus I Know,” is a flowing ballad dealing with spreading a sharing type of love. The EP concludes with the rock edged track, “God is Here,” that talks about God being everywhere, all around us, not just inside the church on a Sunday morning.

Review By C.W. Ross


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