Review for Punk Rock Band CPR’s, ‘Live at Fuzion’

Artist: CPR
Title: ‘Live at Fuzion’
Label: Raven Faith Records

The band’s name CPR stands for Christian Punk Rock but if this band has a long future I see a name change in it because if you try searching for them almost all of the results are related to the medical term, cardiopulmonary resuscitation. And after listening to the songs on this Huntington Beach, CA. band’s live debut release, ‘Live at Fuzion,’ I do see a long future ahead for them.

The band pulls it’s musical influences from both sides of the big pond listing both British and American punk rock bands as having influenced them. Their songs are filled with the normal driving steady beats that you would expect to hear in a punk song but the guitar parts that are also found in them are let to run free and explore new area like proud wild Mustangs in the wide open Western lands with their rock flair.

Another thing I like about CPR’s music is the straight forward Christian messages that are found in the band’s songs. Too often today the messages are so hidden that it’s like trying to solve a riddle figuring out what they really mean.

While the album was recorded live it plays more like a studio album which worked well for me. Live albums with a lot of crowd interaction are great the first time you listen to them but after that grow old and you just want to hear the music. This album doesn’t suffer from that problem and will offer up many good listens without growing old.

Things get rocking right right from the first track, “Contagious.” It starts off with a catchy bass line, slightly squealing guitar and rapid drum beats. The song talks about being lost and then found and finding out how music can be used to light the flame of faith in others. The track, “Hard Life,” is another up tempo song filled with driving beats including a nice guitar solo.

My favorite track is, “Take a Drink.” At first look with it’s title the song sounds like it’s gonna be a bar drinking song and it is but the drink being served up is the living water of Christ. The need to pull on Him to strengthen you as you battle your day. The lively song makes a perfect audience participation sing along track.

The last track, “Mi Amigo,” is a bit of a head scratcher with it’s foreign language lyrics. It’s a Spanish version of the song, “Friend of Mine.” I guess it’s a shout out to our Spanish brothers and sisters in Christ.

If your looking for some good music with straight up bold lyrics that will help you strengthen and share your faith then the family (father & sons) band CPR will rock your world, punk rock style.

Review by C.W. Ross


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