New Release from The Zach Allen Band “Prison Break”

The Zach Allen Band was formed many years ago as a result of Zach Allen’s passion for music. Always having a desire to be a musician, he started his first band at the age of 10. Influenced by classic rock, he started playing around in his hometown of Gilroy, CA with his band. Around this time he started writing music and by the time he was 11, he had written several songs and found a website, Indieheaven, based in Nashville, TN that would host his music.

Encouraged by this, Zach’s family traveled to Nashville to attend the Indieheaven CIA Summit in 2007 and eventually moved to Nashville later that year. By this time, his younger brother was ready to join the band as the drummer, and the Zach Allen band really started to take off. Currently, the band consists of Zach, 19, on lead guitar and vocals, his brother Christian Taylor, 13, on drums, and Christian Eason, 19, on bass. Zach and Christian have always supported each other in their music mission. Christian Eason, the newest addition, came into the band when Zach met him in college this past fall.

The band is about to release their sophomore EP entitled “Prison Break” at the end of May. Containing all original material recorded by Zach, Christian, and Christian, the new music shows a deep passion for and an understanding of the brokenness that people face in this world. The band’s mission and music share the message of God’s grace, mercy, and love in a relevant way. So many are broken and need to know that even when the world is cold and dark, someone still cares. The Zach Allen band wants to show people through music, that this “someone” is God and through His son Jesus Christ, there is hope and they are made new and no longer broken.

Source- Kyle Fenton Promotions


One thought on “New Release from The Zach Allen Band “Prison Break”

  1. Hi…my son won a skateboarder contest today at whitehall/carmella playground…i was wondering if i could see the video…he won your CD…funtime he said…thank you…sincerely yours, susan

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