Steve Moon’s, ‘Hold On To Your Faith’ Blasts Off With 10 Stellar Songs

FORT WORTH, TX – Steve Moon’s new album Hold On to Your Faith shows how religious conviction can beget passionate and dazzling contemporary music. Moon doesn’t shy away from ministry as he shares his self-penned music, but the songs are so beautifully written and performed that they stand on their own regardless of whether a listener is seeking religious inspiration or simply wanting to tap their toe and smile. Still, this is a decidedly non-secular work with messages of hope, love and devotion shining through every song. “I want to let people know where my heart is,” said Moon, a Fort Worth guitarist and pianist who displays prowess on both instruments as he rips through this collection of new songs.

“The Messiah” is a tour-de-force, merging choir, spoken word, singer-songwriter sensibilities, and operatic touches into an opus-like gospel. The title song harkens shades of U2 as it encourages people to hang onto their souls while traversing a complicated, modern world. All of the songs are grounded in pop, country and rock, creating a current sound that’s both exciting and soothing.

“He lives inside of me / He can live inside of you,” Moon sings on the opening number.

This album is sure to live inside of anyone who listens to its poignant songs.

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Source- MuzzBuzz Music


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