Review for Love & The Outcome’s, ‘Ocean Way Sessions: Live EP’

Artist: Love & The Outcome
Title: ‘Ocean Way Sessions: Live EP’

Overall Album Vibe:

It always seems like when I listen to music put out by band’s that have a family connection there’s just this little bit of extra tightness found in it that weave things seamlessly together and that’s the case with husband and wife group, Love & The Outcome’s vocalist Jodi King and her husband, bass player/vocalist Chris Rademaker. Their new 6-song EP, ‘Ocean Way Sessions: Live,’ offers up live versions of five songs from their self-titled debut album.

The EP was recorded at the famous Ocean Way studio in Nashville in front of a live audience. The EP also includes the previously unreleased bonus track, “Home.”

I really like this band’s music defining it in my review of their full length release as it, “…hit the mark musically with songs that cruise along like a fine tuned Ferrari with uplifting lyrics filled with God’s hope, promise, and grace.”

Even though the EP was recorded live I like the fact that the only real way you can tell it’s live is by the more freestyle music production plus the audience applause at the end of each song. I’m a fan of this style more then the normal live recordings that are often filled with a lot of talking and really take away from the repeat music listening experience. They’re interesting to listen to the first time but after that it gets repetitive with their talking parts. This EP having been recorded the way it was doesn’t suffer from that problem.

While it’s true that there’s only one new song found on the EP, I still think it’s worth adding to your music collection.

Review by C.W. Ross


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