Christian Rockers Online Celebrates It’s 25th Year Covering Christian Music

This year will be the 25th year since I started Christian Rockers Online. It started out with me typing things up on a manual typewriter then moving up to a word processor style typewriter. I would type the pages up then take them to a copy shop and get copies made of each page and then bring them home and hand staple every one of them together to form a newsletter. Then I would hand address every envelope and attach stamps to each one. Back then stamps weren’t the stick on type like now, back then you needed to lick or wet them to get them to stick on the envelope. Then I would seal each envelope and then take them to the mailbox or post office to mail.

Then came the wonderful Internet and my first computer an IBM 8086. Back then 9600 baud was considered fast and it helped me to move to the ‘online’ part of the Christian Rockers Online name.

Since that time the site has been probably 10-15 different styles of websites over the years including html, flash, cms, e-magazine and it’s current form as a blog.

Over the years it’s been pretty much a one man mission by me with help from a few other writers over the years. I’ve also handled everything from webmaster, writer and editor duties to marketing the site.

The greatest part of having Christian Rockers Online is all of the great people who have visited it over the years along with all the great people in the Christian music industry including, artist, pr people, record labels etc…that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the 25 years.

One special person that I need to recognize for helping me out getting the whole thing going is the late Tom Green. I use to watch a Christian music show he had on called, “Lightmusic.” On the show he would have live performances and play Christian music videos.

When I first started I had no idea how to contact record labels etc… So I wrote him to ask for his help and he wrote me back a nice friendly letter like he had known me for years and was talking to a friend even though we had never met in person.

In that letter he included a copy of his contact list for Christian music record labels. It was from that list that I was able to contact people and get their help providing information and material to review on the site.

I wish I would have kept track of how many people have visited the site over the last 25 years but I didn’t. Although I guess in the end numbers don’t really matter if just one person either has been entertained or helped to grow in their faith by something they’ve read on the site then it’s all been worth it.

How much longer will the site be going? That’s one question I can’t answer for you. I’ve always felt a calling to do the site and as long as I continue to feel that calling from the Lord to do it I’ll keep going with it.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me out over the last 25 years and to you the visitors to the site for without you stopping by to read the postings there would be no reason for doing it.


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