Interview with Tim Ehrhart from the Band Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess Band
Band Name- Beautiful Mess

Band Members:

Michael Ehrhart
Tim Ehrhart
Chris Ehrhart

Latest Release:

Words Getting Around

2.Words Getting Around
3.Holding On
5.Home Forever


Beautiful Mess’ Interview

Band member Tim Ehrhart was kind enough to recently do an interview for the site. Tim’s role in the band includes writing the music, playing guitars, singing background vocals and doing the mixing and mastering of their music.

(CW)1. What are some of the positives and negatives of being in a band made up of family members?

(Tim)The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, from my experience. We are a close knit family even beyond the band members so, we get a lot of support for what we are doing. The band members that are family members can speak pretty frankly with each other, and nobody gets too upset. If they do, it passes really quick. We were really close before there was ever Beautiful Mess, so the foundation of our relationships is really solid. I can’t think of any negatives due to us being family members that probably all bands probably have. Fortunately, we all have pretty different roles and specialties, so that keeps us out of each others way.

(CW)2. Why did you choose Beautiful Mess for the band’s name?

(Tim)It came from the realization that, this is life; a beautiful mess. No matter how much we try to do the right thing, no matter how much we try to control things, our life will not be perfect. Yet we have a God that sends us grace and mercy so we are still able to find joy amidst this imperfect, messy life. If you are really living your life, experiencing an authentic life, connecting with other people beyond the surface level, your life is probably a bit messy. It can be messy from people that have let you down, messy from weakness, messy from betrayal, messy from trying hard but getting it wrong. This grace and mercy covers our mess and makes life beautiful.

(CW)3. Is there any special meaning behind the title of your latest release, ‘Words Getting Around?’

(Tim)Yes, there is. The title is referencing a good kind of rumor. The song describes someone that was on the fast track, chasing the typical objects of success, but has had a change of heart. The subject of the song is reevaluating what is important in this life. “Word is Getting Around” about the changed heart our hero is showing us.

(CW)4. How would you describe the band’s sound to someone that hasn’t heard your music before?

(Tim)It is pop-rock with a faith based message. We sometimes call it “Music with a Message”. You’ll hear acoustic guitar, rich lead vocals and layered backing vocals. We sometimes hear references to Big Daddy Weave and MercyMe.

(CW)5. What do you want someone who listens to your music to take away from it?

(Tim)Probably a few things. First, we hope our message shares that the Christian faith is built for everyday use. It is practical, durable, and useful everyday, all day. Not just on Sunday (could that be a song lyric? Maybe not!). Second, we try to challenge people to value the relationships in their lives more than anything else on this earth. We call this a commitment to living connected lives. Lastly, we hope we demonstrate that contemporary Christian music can be interesting, dynamic and entertaining. We hope that folks that may not believe in God or be disenchanted or apathetic hear our music and want to hear more of the music AND the message.

(CW)6. What would you say is the band’s signature song?

(Tim)Well, that might be the song Beautiful Mess. Lyrically, it captures the message we are trying to share. It explains how we think about life. We wrote that song when I was 15 though, so it is not the most interesting musically, but we still play it live a lot. I think our new song “Words Getting Around” might be our new signature song. It talks about the discovery of a practical, everyday faith, and has a funky groove that can get your attention.

(CW)7. What is the band’s philosophy on the mixture of Christian message vs. musical entertainment found in your songs?

(Tim)Our approach to finding that balance is first by forming a vision about a particular topic, and then making sure the music and message support that vision. For instance our new tune “Alright,” talks about how a person has done everything that they were told to do; get the right job, house, life but they aren’t feeling alive. So, there is this constant tension in their life. We then communicate that tension or conflict in the melody, the arrangement, the production, the message and all of those factors that make a great tune. We do press ourselves to be sure a song is good musically, not just good because it has a good message. We put the message aside and ask ourselves “would I listen to that song?” Do I like the melody? How is the arrangement? Are the musicians good? On it’s own, is the music entertaining? Does the “musicality” of the song compete well with other contemporary music out there? Then, the message must be clear, relevant and impactful. Nothing wishy-washy. People want an authentic message. It’s a mixture, but we hope the music pierces the bias, the hurt, the skepticism, the judgment and the message lands right on the heart.

(CW)8. If the band could perform anywhere in the world beside the USA what country would it be? And why?

(Tim)Maybe China. I hear followers of Jesus are growing rapidly in China. We would definitely have a language problem, so the music better be really good!

(CW)9. What was the strangest thing that has happened to you while performing on stage?

(Tim)Our performances most often mix several clips of narrated video sequenced between live music. While a 2-3 minute video clip is playing, the lights are down and the stage is very dark. One night I broke an electric guitar string as we were finishing a song. When the stage went dark for the video clip I started to change the string just by feel. I couldn’t finish stringing before the video clip was done though. I grabbed my acoustic guitar and played through the next song. When the lights went down for the next 2 minute clip, I was able to finish re-stringing and tune-up in the dark. Not too strange, but hair-raising at the time.

(CW)10. If people want to hear you play live are you doing any touring now?

(Tim) We are doing 3 dates the weekend of January 9th in the Syracuse, NY area. We have 3 dates in the Lancaster, PA area the weekend of January 16th.


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