Review for Worship Leader Debra Black’s, ‘God in Every Season,’ Album

Artist: Debra Black
Title: ‘God in Every Season’

Overall Album Vibe:

Debra Black is a very talented singer but as you listen to the music found on her debut full length release, ‘God in Every Season,’ you’ll quickly hear her heart that wants to serve the Lord and reach out to others with God’s messages about the different cycles that we all go through in our lives. Like it says in the book of Ecclesiastes found in the Bible there is a time and purpose (season) for everything under Heaven.

Black said that, “What I love about the cycle of the seasons is just that. It is a cycle. Life is a cycle. God knows just how much of the fall we can stand before He brings the winter to give us rest. He knows just how much rest we need before we are ready for something new, and then he brings the life. He knows just how much heat we can stand and sun we can see before it is time for that thing to die or lay to rest.”

Songs found on, ‘God in Every Season,’ that stood out to me included the opening cut, “Be Free,” that is a song for all the downtrodden people around the world who are in the position of feeling held captive whether it be as sex slaves, child labors or maybe being constantly bullied by someone. The song talks about God’s grace and turning darkness into light.

“Be Free,” is also the album’s debut single released to radio stations for airplay.

You’ll find two version of the song, “More Than Enough,” including a radio version. The song was first released by Black in 2012 as a single. The song talks about God being a, ‘blanket of hope,’ when you’re having those times of feeling lonely or having doubts about things that are happening in your life.

The Hillsong classic song, “Hosanna,” is an upbeat worship track that’s filled with lyrics of God’s greatness and wanting a changed heart to feel the need for service to other like God has for all of us.

Only in her twenties Black already has 10 years+ of being a worship leader under her belt that she puts to good use in her songs.

Black’s music is much more than songs’ being sung, she also puts her words into actions having pioneered Worship on the Square, an organization bringing the church body together in the city center to worship God and bring awareness to social causes in the city. Debra also leads worship for many women’s conferences and retreats and teaming up with nonprofit organizations, like Women’s Crisis pregnancy. She has also spent time teaming up with Wellspring Living, a non-profit organization confronting the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation through awareness, training and treatment programs for women and girls, as a worship leader, advocate, and financial supporter. She serves at the women’s home and leads worship at awareness events, charity galas, and fundraisers for Wellspring Living.

With a great voice and a big heart for service of her faith how can you not be rooting for Debra Black’s music to reach out and bless the masses of hurting people found all around the world today.

Standout Tracks: “Be Free”, “More Than Enough”, “Hosanna”

Review by C.W. Ross


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