Interview With Rising Artist Amber Blu

Amber Blu is an up and coming singer. She’s trying to join the list of people who have been able to build up a fanbase through their YouTube pages.

Amber has the vocal talents along with the intelligence and drive to get to where she wants to go with both her career and life.

Below is an interview that she was kind enough to do with me recently.

Amber Blu Websites:

Amber’s Facebook Page
Amber’s YouTube Page

Amber Blu Interview:

CW-1. You got started singing at a very young age, does your family have a singing background?

Amber- No, they do not actually. I mean, my mom used to sing in church choir as a young girl, but she says my talent is God-given.

CW-2. You specialize in cover songs on your YouTube page. Your newest song is a cover of Smokie Norful’s, “I Need You Now.” How do you decide what song you’re going to cover?

Amber- Most of the time, I will just hear a song that catches my attention whether through lyrics, vocals, beat, or a combination of these and I just think “Wow, that’s an amazing song I have to do a cover!”

CW-3. Do you have any original songs that you’ve written yet?

Amber-I’ve been writing songs ever since I was about 12, so I have a lot of originals accumulated throughout the years.

CW-4. Are you working on any music right now that will be coming out in the near future?

Amber-I have some things in the works, but right now I’m focusing on building a bigger fan base and keeping up with my YouTube page.

CW-5. Will you share about your faith and how that affects your music?

Amber-My faith is a huge part of why I sing. I like to think that God gave me this gift because He wants me to use it and so I do. I feel like it would be a waste to not use the talent I’ve been blessed with and because of that I sing and practice to get better and better.

CW-6. Your attending college now what is your major?

Amber- My major is public relations—I figured it would definitely help with my singing career.

CW-7. It must be tough with going to school and trying to work on your music career both at the same time?

Amber-Sometimes it’s a bit stressful, but music is definitely an escape for me and with anything, it’s all about time management.

CW-8. Who do you see as the audience for your music?

Amber-Everyone mainly- young, old, Christian, non-Christian; I try to do songs that everyone can equally enjoy, but I guess I would say I have a focus on teens to young adults.

CW-9. Do you see yourself as role model for young woman?

Amber-I’ve always been in positions where I’m leading some type of group of women so I try to always be a positive role model. Especially being a young woman of Christ, I feel I’m even more so called to be a positive role model.

CW-10. Where do you hope to see your music career 5 years from now?

Amber-I hope to be touring and singing to as big of crowds as possible and making an impact in the lives I touch.

CW-11. Any closing thoughts that you want to leave the readers with?

Amber-As cheesy as it sounds, don’t give up on your dreams. If you can’t see yourself doing anything else for the rest of your life than pursue whatever your dream is relentlessly.


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