The Livesays Release of 2nd Studio Album, “Faith, Hope and Love”

Miami, Florida, 2014 –“When the world comes crashing down on you, Faith and Hope will pull you through.” Poetic words are inspiring, but when passionately sung to soulful music, the result can be a fluid cascade of sound that truly takes you away. THE LIVESAYS’ new CD, “Faith, Hope and Love,” does just that and demonstrates a level of maturity in song writing and musicianship that can only be reached with decades of experience and a love for the art of making music. “Faith, Hope and Love” conveys the familiar feel of classic rock and soul along with a blend of pop, a splash of Blues, a hint of Country, and a heavy dose of Jersey vibe. With “Faith, Hope and Love,” THE LIVESAYS prove that the joy and spirit of Rock & Roll is still with us today.

THE LIVESAYS are singer/songwriter Billy Livesay, a former member of E-Streeter Clarence Clemons band, Eddie Zyne, a former drummer for Hall and Oates, organist Cuqui Berrios, pianist Tim Murphy, and Cuban born bassist Jorge Laplume. What these seasoned musicians have created is an emotionally provoking album, drawing the listener in with vocal harmonies, edgy guitar, powerful drums, rock solid bass movements and Elton-esque piano with soulful organ interplay .

Every good album takes you on a journey and “Faith, Hope and Love” is no exception. The lyrics speak of endless summers and the blues of love, but they also address many social issues and difficult life situations that so many of us have or will experience. The album teaches us that salvation comes to those who can find the strength to rise above their problems and make a better tomorrow for themselves by identifying what has passed and recognizing and embracing the future. In short, “Faith, Hope and Love” is the product of a band that has no fear in expressing their deepest emotions through song.

Source- The Livesays


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