Christ’s Sake Releases Second Full-Length Album, “We All Fall Down”

Christ’s Sake announces the release of their second full length album “We All Fall Down” on Thumper Punk Records . Christ’s Sake continues their classic Orange County punk sound with melodic hooks and driving rhythms, which are contrasted uniquely harmonic vocal arrangements. Jesus lovin’ alternative punk from musicians who have experienced drugs, alcohol, abuse, emptiness and loneliness, yet who have managed to turn their lives around through the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Band members include founding member Lance Hendren (guitar, vocals), Vince Morales (drums), Matt Kilian (lead guitar), Dillon Hendren (backup vocals), Sandra Calvillo (backup vocals), and Matt Vangalapudi on (bass guitar).

Tracks include:

1. Love Love
2. By His Blood
3. Sex Trafficking
4. You Are
5. My God
6. So Sorry
7. What Have I Done
8. We All Fall Down
9. Mr. Heroin
10. Rise Above
11. Let’s Skate
12. Why
13. Welcome to the Warzone
14. Loved Me Straight
15. Praise the Lord

Recorded at Love Juice Labs, Riverside, California. Total time: 48:35.

Source- Thumper Punk Records ( helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message. CDs are now available through the Thumper Punk Records webstore, and digital downloads are available through iTunes and other major digital distributors.


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