Kenny Kozol’s New Single “A Brother’s Prayer,” Has a Street Date of August 26th

KennyKozolCover Art
Kenny Kozol’s “A Brother’s Prayer” Is A Blessing For Country Music Fans

FORT WORTH, TX – Some people pick up a whiskey bottle when they’re troubled. Fort Worth singer-songwriter Kenny Kozol picks up a guitar, banjo or dobro and pours his feelings into beautiful music.

His latest masterpiece is “A Brother’s Prayer,” a bluegrass tinged spiritual song inspired by his brother, Steve, who has spent 14 years in prison fighting to prove his innocence.

Kozol has battled various forms of bureaucracy for years while seeking justice for his brother. Along the way, he swore to Steve that he’d never give up on him. Now Kozol is trying a new tack –– the power of song.

The Nashville-trained musician wrote an impassioned prayer for his brother years ago. More recently, Kozol set the words to music and created a soon-to-be classic song that’s poignant, powerful, and honest. Proceeds from the single and an accompanying video will go to his brother’s defense fund.

“A Brother’s Prayer” is the first single from “All the King’s Men” an album of original country music that Kozol is currently recording at SG Studios in Fort Worth. “My main goal is to record my songs, touch others through my music, and leave a legacy behind for my children,” he said. “When I write someone a song, it’s the greatest gift I have to give.”

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