First-Time Author, Zann Renn, Releases Adult Fiction Book “Away From”

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Nashville, TN (June 2014) —– First-time author, Zann Renn, steps into the published world of adult fiction with her new book, Away From. The story centers on two American families who decide to flee their homeland in the wake of new laws that limit their religious freedoms. The futuristic page-turner is already garnering strong reader reviews online, “The proven literary device of ‘the journey’ serves this narrative well,” and “Hold on to your hats – ‘Away From’ would even keep Frodo Baggins on his Hobbit toes!”

“Any futuristic book is meant to give its readers a ‘glimpse’ of possible outcomes,” explains Renn, “and I hope to show how very easy it is to marginalize a group of people, no matter what their religion or nationality might be. At the same time, I am also trying to show the importance of unity in any body of believers. It is my intention to smash some of the stereotypes, even in Christendom, and to show during a crisis that the essentials are what are important.”

The process of Renn composing Away From began several years ago, with the author putting the story aside for a while and then picking it back up again. Then Renn had a sudden burst of revelation, when the essence of the story came very suddenly in the middle of the night. It took several years to craft the characters and weave the plot, as Renn wanted this story to have a certain spirit about it, and says the story and characters had to be worked out with “fear and trembling.”

Away From synopsis

Two American families in the not-so-distant future decide to flee the country because of the passage of an amendment limiting religious freedoms and the equally disturbing deteriorating moral fabric of their everyday lives. In the process, other “believers,” who also have been marginalized by the system, join them. However, the challenge for this ragtag group of believers, in the end, is to learn to tolerate each other and to appreciate each other’s differences. Their journey is fraught with narrow escapes, imprisonment, and danger at every turn. Because of the “bio-chip” that many believers refuse to have implanted, their antiquated and restricted options for transportation further impede their travel. With the help of divine providence, they escape adverse weather, over-zealous authorities, dangerous cults, and the threat of separation. Their final voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, reminiscent of the early pilgrims, culminates in another landing on the shores of “a new world.”

About the author

Zann Renn was born in the 1960’s and grew up in a small Indiana town. The budding author was brought up in a Christian family, where the creative atmosphere included music and lively discussions that were the norm. Renn attended a liberal arts college for undergraduate work in English, and graduated with a Master’s Degree in English from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. The author is married, has two grown children, and lives in a rural area near Nashville, TN. Renn’s major enjoyments include family time, walking in the woods and making music with friends.

Source- Bozeman Media