Review For Holly Spears’ New EP, ‘Audience of One’ Featuring Church Songs and Hymns

Artist: Holly Spears
Title: ‘Audience of One’

Overall Album Vibe:

‘Audience of One,’ found on Girl on a Mission Music, is the follow up to Holly Spears’ 2012 debut album, ‘Heartache to Hope.’ Spears says that, “Audience of One is a collection of my favorite hymns and church songs from my early days in the small town of Wana, West Virginia,” explaining further that, “My dad was in the church choir and still is to this day. As a little girl, he would always try to get me to sing with him, but back then I was so shy that I couldn’t get myself to actually sing. But I would go stand with him in the choir and hold on to his leg for security.”

The EP starts off with the church hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” The song is done in a melodic rythmn that’s driven by Spears beautiful vocals. Next up is what I consider one of the best church hymns ever written, “Amazing Grace.” Everytime I hear this song it brings a tear to my eye as I think about God’s grace given to us. Spears does the song in a rootsy style. The pace picks up a bit with the next track, “Jesus Loves Me.” The song put a smile on my face as I remember singing it many times in my younger years with time spent in Sunday school classes. Things end with the last two tracks, “Nothing But the Blood,” and “This Little Light of Mine,” both done in an up tempo, toe tapper, style of music. With the latter of the two having a jam session feel with it’s lively piano and hand clap parts that are found on it.

The track, “This Little Light of Mine” is dedicated to the memory of Sydney Rush, a seventeen year-old girl who tragically passed away in a car accident while driving home from Young Life in September (2013).

Even though you’ve probably heard the songs found on this EP hundreds or maybe thousands of times before Holly Spears’ vocals really add a nice new dimension to them that make it well worth getting.

By C.W. Ross