New Album ‘I Keep Falling’ from Oxnard Punks The WAY Releases December 10, 2013

The WAY will be releasing their third album ‘I Keep Falling’ on December 10, 2013 on Thumper Punk Records. On this release, The WAY expands upon their highly energetic, blues-tinged punk rock with eleven songs of passion, hope and redemption. Tracklist for the album includes:

1. Faith In Naturalism
2. Never Give
3. Voluntary Confinement
4. Irrationality of Relativism
5. Illusion
6. Solid Ground
7. I Keep Falling
8. Human Nature
9. Looking Back
10. Lower Education
11. Greater Grace

The title song from “I Keep Falling” is now available for streaming at:

CD preorders can be purchased at:


Source- Thumper Punk Records