Review for Singer Songwriter John Ball’s New Self-Titled EP

Artist: John Ball
Title: ‘John Ball’ EP

Overall Album Vibe: Musician John Ball’s latest release is a self-titled 6-track EP. The songs found on the EP start off with a base layer of singer songwriter with other musical flavors added on making each song fresh.

Things get started with the steady mid-tempo track, “When I Kept Silent,” that deals with the need to keep expressing your faith in worship. “Your Faithfulness,” is a toe tapping, up-tempo, keys filled track as the title expresses about God’s faithfulness. “Woe to Me,” a song about redemption slows things down with its rich sound thanks to the addition of strings that are found on it. “On My Own,” is another melodic track that deals with feeling lost and abandoned and trying to keep on fighting the good fight in life. Things pick back up with the up tempo guitar filled track, “Torn From The Root,” that talks about feeling like your being torn away from living for God and the need to set a new course. Things close up with the interesting track, “Temptation,” that starts off with a short distorted guitar part reminiscent of a Jimi Hendrix’s riff before the track quickly goes in a more alt. singer songwriter vibe while lyrically dealing with life’s temptations.

What you get with John Ball’s music is his open and honest inner feelings that are put to music and aren’t manipulated in any way to fit any preconceived musical mold.

Review by C.W. Ross


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