Soulful R&B Featured Artist Lydia Price

Lydia Price
While Lydia Price’s music covers several different styles what really clicked for me was her Soulful R&B tracks that grab your attention and don’t let go with their rhythmic beats. That’s why I decided to feature her on the blog.

Artist Name: Lydia Price
Genre: Christian, Soul, R&B, Contemporary, Hip-Hop


‘Speak The Word Only’- Debut gospel album with eight songs. Released in 1999.
‘Kingdom Minded’- Sophomore project consisting of 15 tracks. Released in 2009.

CD Baby:


My music comes from the scriptures and from my life’s journey. I write about what God says in His Word because I believe it. I believe in the music I put out and trust that it will bless those who hear it. Coming up, my musical influences varied. As the youngest of a large family, along with a Latin father, it made for a very diverse musical household. My biggest gospel music influences were the Hawkins family. Edwin, Walter, Lynette and Tramaine’s music has inspired me the most. I love the works of Helen Baylor, The Clark, Williams and Pace Sisters and so many others whose shoulders I know I’m standing on; but none more important than the Holy Spirit Himself. No other influence has had a greater impact on my life….

Brooklyn, New York born and naturally educated…New Jersey born-again and supernaturally educated…Youngest of nine…Panamanian father of Jamaican parents…and a mother who was the daughter of Southerners…

From 1986 to 1996, I was a local NYC artist who had several projects throughout those years. I had my share of highs as well as lows; trying to make it in the R&B industry. I got close…a few times…but that was about it. During one of the “low’ times in my life, I needed a change. The music wasn’t happening and neither was anything else. I found myself now residing on the other side of thebridge…New Jersey.

June 2, 1996, I heard the call one Sunday morning during a 10:30am service. The invitation to accept Jesus Christ went out and my hand went up. Since that day the music, for me, has changed. I no longer have the desire to sing about those things that I used to sing about. I now know why I was given to ability to do the things that I can do musically. It was to glorify the king. That’s what it was all along. I’m no longer seeking anything from the world. I’ve finally found what I was searching for.


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