Thumper Punk Records Rereleases Punk Rockers Christ’s Sake’ Self-Titled Debut Album

Artist: Christ’s Sake
Title: ‘Christ’s Sake’
Website: Band’s Facebook Page

Overall Album Vibe: This is a rerelease (originally released October 2012) of the band’s debut album after joining Thumper Punk Records family of bands. If you haven’t had the chance to hear it yet and you like your old school punk music blended with rock that feature melodic hooks, driving rhythms and harmonic vocal arrangements then you’ll really enjoy this release.

The albums songs take on real life issues like, drugs & alcohol, abuse, emptiness and loneliness all with the hope to overcome them knowing that Jesus is always there for you. The album’s lead track, ‘Jesus Is Calling’ drives that point home talking about Jesus’ death on the cross for us, everlasting life that comes from that and that if you haven’t already accepted Him in your life that He’s there calling out to you.

I also like the fast paced track-3, ’23,’ that deals with the path of righteousness, walking through the valley of death and fearing no evil along with dwelling in the house of the Lord all while giving a shout out to God’s Glory. Another good track, “I Need My Lord,” deals with overcoming drugs and alcohol problems. I could go on and on because this release is jammed packed with great songs that you don’t want to miss hearing.

Review by C.W. Ross


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