Interview with Featured Artist Sabba

RaisedHandsCrossSabba (Pastor Mike) Interview

1. Reading your bio. you had a really rough start in life that you’ve overcome. What advice would you give to anyone reading this who might also be struggling in their life?

A-1. I had a rough life, but my advise to anyone going through a struggle is that, Jesus has a plan for your life, and if you learn to trust in Him , He will get you to the other side! That is a promise. (Mark 4:35-41 even the wind and sea obey Him)

2. Being a Chaplain at three different prisons must be both uplifting and maybe at times a frustrating experience?

A-2. Being a Chaplain is only frustrating when I look at things through my eyes. Remember I was in prison and some minister had to deal with my inconsistencies in the beginning, as I grew in Christ everything changed. The rewards of seeing lives change far out weigh any frustrations!

3. How did you get started performing your music?

A-3. All my life even as a child I used to sing, but while in prison Jesus found me and I accepted Him as my Savior. I wanted to sing a song to say Thank You to Him, and I wrote my first song Thank You Jesus. One of my fellow inmates taught me chords on the guitar and the Lord began to give me more and more music.

4. If people are interested in learning more about you and your music how can they get in touch with you?

A-4. My email address is and I am also an artist on Jango, my band name is Sabba. I do go to church to share the Lord Jesus testimony in my life and music that He has anointed me with!

5. Is there anything you want to mention before we end our interview?

A-5. Phil. 1:6 saysBeing confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: This the Truth my life proves it!

Featured Artist Information

Artist Name: Sabba

Genre: Inspired/Christian


Pastor Mike was abused by his father, at nine years old beaten, and mentally abused. He was hurt, and angry. With no help in sight he turned to the street. His nick name was Chico,vwith added El Loco kid the crazy later in life.

Drugs, guns, sex, violence, money, all the world had to offer, he loved the world and the world loved him. Mike swore that he would someday kill his father, after going into the Marines he became even more violent. Some day it would happen that he would kill his father. Not with a gun or knife but with his bare hands.

That day came when he was face to face with his dad and ready to kill him, when his mom and aunt came on the scene one with a two by four, and the other with a golf club. Mike wasn’t sure what to do, so he ran. (Mike later found out later that they came to protect him, thank Jesus I didn’t know that he says)

Later Mike was arrested again as he had been many times but this time with multiple charges. In jail he was pushed into a corner by a couple of guards he responded with violence, he was subdued by 10 guards who beat him and he was placed on meds and put in the hole to be observed. One day another inmate (trusty) came and told him about Jesus Christ, and that made him angrier, oh I neglected to say the Mike is Jewish.

Some how through persistent love the fellow inmate got him to agree to go to chapel. He went and met Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior, and well the rest is history. Most of Mike’s music is inspired by and is the Word of God!

Mike Loves Jesus Christ and is now a Chaplain in three prison facilities in Rhode Island he does go to share his testimony, but the Word of Christ that he shares is truly inspired. Mike is a black and white guy he says. He just simply believes everything that Jesus Christ says and Is.


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