Unspoken’s Second Release on Centricity Music, ‘The World Is Waking,’ Review

Artist: Unspoken
Title: ‘The World is Waking’ EP
Website: http://www.unspokenmusic.com

Overall Album Vibe: ‘The World Is Waking’ is Unspoken’s second release on Centricity Music. The five tracks that make up the EP blend pop and rock styles with song lyrics that are filled with hope. They leave you feeling that even though sometimes your path in life might get tough or confusing if you take the time to get on your knees you’ll not only find God’s guidance but the peace that can only come from His love for you.

Band lead singer Chad Mattson speaks from his own experiences having overcome a period of addiction to drugs and alcohol in his life. Mattson says that, “Every day, the world wakes to a new opportunity to forget what is behind and move forward. God’s mercies are new every morning. All of us are working to try to find peace. The older I get, I just want peace for my soul and my heart and my brain on a day-to-day basis. You can’t buy it. Success can’t bring it. It’s just resting in the Lord. The main focus must be taking the day as what it is, as an opportunity to draw closer to God, to love him and others.”

The EP opens with the up-tempo pop/rock track, “Lift My Life Up,” that deals with giving total control of your life to God. Track-2, “Everything,” mixes up-tempo and more melodic moments as it deals with not letting the tough times in life get you down. Knowing that God’s love for you will always be enough to meet the needs of your soul. “In Your Hands,” deals with being willing to get on your knees and leave all your burdens and needs in God’s Hands. Band member Chad Mattson says about the song, “We have this desire to want to control,” Mattson continues, “This is a song for me about relinquishing control to God. It really takes work, that’s the big thing. That quiet time spent with the Lord when we really do feel peaceful and at rest.” Next up is the track, “Walking Away,” that deals with searching for earthly things to make your life fill complete and how empty it leaves you in the end and the true peace that can only come from God. The EP wraps up with, “Bury the Workman,” a soulful blues harmonica and handclaps filled track the band recorded live in the studio giving it a raw edge that really lets the lyrics shine. Band bassist Jon Lowry had this to say about the song, “When the pastor said this quote, ‘Bury the workman, but the work will go on.’ It reminds me of Mark 13:31, which says heaven and earth will pass away but his word will remain forever.” Continuing on, “It’s kind of like an anthem for the church and being part of something that’s bigger than ourselves. Death can’t stop it. It goes on whether or not we are there to do it, or someone else. Triumph in life, and triumph in death.”

Review by C.W. Ross


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