Texas Band Sleep for Dreaming Reaches out to Everyone with Their ‘Memories’ EP Debut

Artist: Sleep for Dreaming
Title: ‘Memories’ EP
Website: http://www.sleepfordreaming.com

Overall Album Vibe: Hailing from Amarillo, Texas, Sleep for Dreaming (Zoe Bohlen -lead vocals, Bryan Singer -drums, Calvin Barker -bass and Ismael Armendariz -lead guitar) offer up a rather unique blend of pop, punk and modern rock styles to achieve their sound.

‘Memories’ is the band’s debut EP. The four tracks found on it offer up lyrics that will appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. The band likes to mix spiritual based lyrics along with life lessons.

The band wants their music to be equally aimed at both the church and secular world. Band lead vocalist Zoe Bohlen said that, “We write from the heart and we want to affect people in a positive way,” continuing on he adds that, “We want to make people think about life and what they can really do if they put their mind to it. We’re just musicians doing what we love to do, but above all, we hope to build a bridge from the church to the world and bring everyone together.”

The EP’s title track, “Memories,” gets things going with its up-tempo, punk pop style. Lyrically the song deals with being out on tour and reflecting back on summer days and romance. “Satellites,” is a mid-tempo track followed by, “Something Greater,” a melodic piano lead song dealing with searching for real meaning in your life and the realization that with God at the center of your life everything starts to make sense. The EP wraps up with the acoustic number, “In Your Arms,” that features a steady, droning, drum beat that adds a nice flavor to the song.

Review by C.W. Ross


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