MusicSUBMIT Helping to Spread the Word About Artist and Their Music

If you’re an artist looking to promote your music then musicSUBMIT is a company that can help you. They maintain a contact list in the thousands (6,500 total music resources now in their database) that range from radio stations, webzines and blogs to podcasts and Indie record labels.

I’ve been listed as a resource on their site for around six years now and have reviewed over 300 artists, doing anything from reviews of their music to featuring an artist on my site. What I personally like about their site is that you get to pick what particular styles of music you would like to get contacted about to checkout. So you’re not getting constantly bombarded with styles that you’re not interested in reviewing.

So as an artist you know that your information is getting into the hands of people who are really interested in your particular style of music.

They have several different submission packages and custom services available that will fit any artist’s budget and needs.

Below is a short interview that I recently done with musicSUBMIT’s president Michael Corcoran.

———Michael Corcoran Interview ——–

Q: 1. What would you give as the biggest reason why an artist should use your site’s service?

A: 1. The No.1 reason artists give as the reason they like MusicSUBMIT is, “Man, you just saved us a ton of time, if we did this all ourselves!”. If you’re an indie artist in any genre, undoubtedly you’ve thought about how you’re going to promote your music on the internet. Part of that is getting your music to blogs and online stations in your genre. And if you’ve tried emailing your stuff to these places, I bet you’ve quickly realized (or hoped) that there had to be a better way. We hope MusicSUBMIT is it.

Q: 2. I know that your service has a huge list of resources where artist’s music is submitted to including; radio stations, webzines, blogs, music communities, podcasts, indie record labels etc… How many resources in total do you have now? And how do you determine which ones to submit a particular artist’s MPK (Music Press Kit) to?

A: 2. We have about 6500 total music resources in our database. That’s for all genres, across the board. The maximum number of resources we can submit an artist to is about 1,000.

If you’re a Rock or Pop artist, we can submit you to a little over 1000. For many of the niche genres, 400 submissions or less is your best bet.

The way we decide which resources to submit a particular artist to is, first, we listen to the music. Then we’ll mark the artist profile with the best genre that fits. Many artists’ music cross into at least one other genre, so we may mark an artist’s profile with up to 3 genres. Then, we start submitting. A match is made if a resource has a matching genre selected in their account AND a “slot” is open for that day. Most resources will limit the number of artist submissions they will receive in a given day, and once all their slots are filled up, they are done for the day. So it’s a bit of randomness as to which resources you’ll hit if you’re an artist. But all submissions are genre-specific.

Q: 3. You’ve just launched the Beta version of your new site. What new and exciting features will we see on it? And when will the site go live?

A: 3. The biggest changes artists will see with the new site will be in “Campaign Reports”. We’ve added social networking capabilities, so artists that receive responses from resources will be able to post and share their promotion to Facebook and Twitter. So it’s adding a new layer of promotional value to the airplay or review they are already receiving. We’ve also added a Download Reports feature that tells artists exactly which resources have downloaded their songs and are using them for airplay.

For resources, they will have a faster and easier review system to work with, a better design and layout of the Artist MPK to review, and Facebook/Twitter posting capabilities that we think will help them gain more attention and a bigger audiences for their sites.

As for the homepage, we’re hoping the new site, with one glance, will tell you exactly what we do for indie artists and resources.

Q: 4. Any closing words of wisdom that you would like to share with the readers?

A: 4. Well, let’s see…..If you’re an artist, you’ll probably agree that promotion can be one of the most time-consuming and least fun sides of the business when you’re about to release your CD. If you’re a music resource, the process of reviewing new music – be it CDs, mp3’s attached to an email, or links from music sites – this is no picnic either. It’s a mess. You’re bombarded from every direction by indie artists vying for your attention. So, where we fit in to this world is, MusicSUBMIT tries to make this whole process easier on both sides – for the artists and for the resources.

And if you’re a music fan – god bless you for reading independent music blogs like Christian Rockers Online! Reading music blogs and tuning in to online radio is the best way to discover new music!

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