Remedy Drive Lets the Acoustic Music Flow on Their New Release, ‘Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions’

Artist: Remedy Drive
Title: ‘Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions’

Overall Album Vibe: Remedy Drive’s latest release is an album made up of acoustic versions of the songs that were found on their recent (September 2012) ‘Resuscitate’ album. Some of you might think that it’s kind of a cheating to put out a new album with the same songs, let me reassure you that the new album’s songs put off a total different vibe then those found on the original album.

With the new stripped down acoustic sound you can really get a grip on the messages that the songs are putting forth along with all of the different emotions that flow from both the lead and backing group vocals found on them.

The album also offers up a nice mix of melodic and up tempo tracks that are lead by either guitar or piano parts, depending on the particular song.

I also like the very positive messages that are found in the songs that revolve around having a purpose in life, being a part of God’s plan and that no matter what life throws at us or how others might make us feel that God loves us and can continue to use us if we’re willing to let Him.

If you didn’t buy the original version of, ‘Resuscitate,’ then this acoustic version is a must buy and even if you have the original version I still think the new album is worth buying.

Review by C.W. Ross


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