Get Ready for Whosoever South’s ‘Country Crunk’ Style that Blends Country and Hip-Hop Music

Artist: Whosoever South
Title: ‘Goin’ Home’

Overall Album Vibe:

Whosoever South is made up of members husband and wife duo Rowdy Eunice and Sarah Eunice along with their longtime musical partner Mike Mitchell.

When you think of music styles that go together Country and Hip-Hop probably isn’t at the top of your list but after you hear Whosoever South’s debut release, ‘Goin’ Home,’ I think that your mind will be changed.

Having reviewed thousands, of music releases over the years sometimes the music starts to all sound the same. That certainly wasn’t the case as I listened to Whosoever South’s music. The trio manages to match Southern vibed country folk & bluegrass with Urban hip-hop music that’s all driven by strong gospel filled lyrics.

The release starts off with several more country/bluegrass vibe driving the songs while the rest are more Urban/ Hip-Hop driven with even an Island flavored track entitled, “He Loves Me,” along with the closing track, “He’s Got It,” that is an Urban club/dance up-tempo praise and worship celebration song.

The band has a lot of material to draw upon from their own lives being involved in the music industry before and after they got saved, in 2006, before forming Whosoever South in 2008.

Besides the vocal tracks that really add a fresh flavor to the songs I liked the use of instruments such as the banjo, harmonica and trumpet.

The album from Pit Bull Productions was produced by Asaf Fulks (Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Courtney Stodden).

Standout Tracks: “Where We From”, “Goin’ Home”, “I Know”,

Review by C.W. Ross


One thought on “Get Ready for Whosoever South’s ‘Country Crunk’ Style that Blends Country and Hip-Hop Music

  1. Rowdy’s parents are dear friends of mine, and I had the pleasure & honor of knowing him as a child. He was just as respectful & well-mannered then as he is now. (His parents raised him right!) He also has one heckuva sense of humor! Many a night, I went to bed with my face pure SORE from laughing at things he’d done or said that day! He & miss Sarah are absolutely WONDERFUL people, with such giving spirits and I am so proud & grateful to know this amazing, talented couple! 🙂

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