Dwayna Litz’s Vocal Talents Shine Brightly on Her Latest Release, ‘Still’

Artist: Dwayna Litz
Title: ‘Still’
Website: http://www.DwaynaLitz.com

Overall Album Vibe:

In this Twitter world that we live in where you have to compact whatever you want to say into 140-characters or less I could write my review for Dwayna Litz’s new release, ‘Still,’ in only 12-characters, Buy ‘Still!’ This album is filled with a wonderful collection of 12 songs that both offer soaring worship along with melodic tug at the heart strings tunes.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the picture of Dwayna on the releases’ cover. Her bright smiling face has the look of contentment that can only come from having God at the center of your life. When you look at the cover it can’t help but bring a smile to your own face. Some of that contentment probably comes from Dwayna’s Lighting the Way Worldwide (http://www.LightingtheWayWorldwide.org) organization for which she’s the founder and president. I would encourage you to checkout the unique outreach ministry that involves setting up tables in various locations around the globe offering free Bibles, literature, testimonies and sermons on CD to explain why they believe in Jesus as Savior and trust in the Bible as God’s inspired Word to mankind.

Back to my review it’s hard to pick out just a few songs to highlight but I’ll do my best. “Place of Surrender,” kicks things off with its up tempo guitar and drum filled rock beats dealing with God’s love and grace. Track-2, the album’s title cut, “Still,” is a soft piano ballad about overcoming loss and restoration. “Higher Power,” is a jaunty number about God being the only true high power and not getting deceived by false prophets or spiritual guides that try to twist and perverse God’s teachings for their own monetary gains. Dwayna offers up a nice up tempo, lively piano driven version of the classic song, “Old Time Religion.” It’s a good old fashioned stomp your feet, clap your hands and get the heart pumping track. “Livin’ for God Alone,” is an interesting guitar and drum lead track that blends elements of country, blues and rock. “Through it All,” is a nice mid-tempo track about life’s trials and how sometimes we need to go through the tough times to become stronger and better in the end.

Besides the great music and lyrics found in the songs that make up ‘Still,’ the glue that holds it all together are Dwayna’s vocals that have a soul to them that brings each new word she sings to life.

Standout Tracks: “Place of Surrender”, “Still”, “High Power”, “Old Time Religion”, “Livin’ for God Alone”, “Through it All”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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