Featured Band- No Punk Influences

Band Name: No Punk Influences

Band Members: Loudmouth LaVal (vocals and bass), Chris Lefler (guitar and vocals), Sal-Val (guitar), and Joshy (drums and vocals)

Band Website: facebook.com/No.Punk.Influences

Record Label: Thumper Punk Records

Band Biography:

No Punk Influences started in December 2006 as three friends playing music under the name Sorry, No Punn Intended. Originally playing a more pop influenced brand of punk, the band’s music has changed into what it is today, thrashy, in your face, punk rock. The band’s name is based on the fact that the members’ lives are soley influenced by God, and No Punk Influences aims to glorify Jesus Christ while rocking faces off with its brand of high energy hardcore punk rock. Even through numerous line-up changes, the band has remained dedicated to its goal.

No Punk Influences will be releasing their musical debut on TPR this summer. http://www.facebook.com/ThumperPunkRecords


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