JJ Heller is back with Her 6th Studio Album, ‘Loved’

JJ Heller is an artist who isn’t afraid to bear her soul in the lyrics of her songs and those found on ‘Loved,’ are no different being chock–full of heart felt emotional lyrics that were co-penned by JJ and her husband Dave.

The main theme found on, ‘Loved,’ centers around having the courage to be willing to step out in faith and being able to overcome your fears by putting it all in God’s Hands. JJ says that, “‘Love,’ is a collection of songs that belong together; there’s a common thread connecting all of them,” continuing on saying that, “It’s setting our sights on the horizon instead of the few steps ahead. It’s an album about resolve. It’s about steeling ourselves for the journey just in front of us, but also being assured of who we are and where our destiny lies… When we know we are loved, we can be open to risks because we are confident in our identity.”

Highlight tracks from. ‘Loved,’ include the catchy pop track, “For You,’ that deals with living a full life for God even when times get tough and your going through the valleys of life. “Redemption,” is a piano lead track that also features a prominent drum part while dealing with what a great day it will be when are human broken bodies are made whole to last forever pain free along with the joy of seeing love ones who have passed on before us. “Better Things,” is a song about finding your mission in life and following your dreams. The album’s lead single, “Who You Are,” is a rich, strings filled, poignant storytelling ballad dealing with tragedies in people’s lives like death. ‘Love,’ also ends strong with, “I Believe,” a song that deals with while maybe not knowing all of the answers to your questions knowing in your heart the truth and direction that you need to follow in your life.

On ‘Love,’ JJ Heller isn’t afraid to stretch her folk based musical style with tracks that range from soft piano to up tempo pop and rock numbers. The one common element that all of the songs contain is those great vocals tones that JJ is gifted enough to be able to deliver on a consistent basis in her music. Here’s what JJ had to say about her new sound. “Making a record that sounds different from what we’ve done in the past is a very risky thing,” JJ says. “But if we stop growing and changing as artists, then something has gone wrong. Our challenge for LOVED was to create something beautiful and new, but still maintain the same elements of honesty and transparency that established connections between us and our audience in our earlier projects. The way this record came together completely exceeded my expectations!”

JJ is currently out on, ‘The Promises Tour’ supporting Sanctus Real along with Unspoken and Bread of Stone.



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