Jars of Clay Update, StageIt, 20 Years and New Live EP Lay Ahead for the Band

Here’s an update from the band on what’s in the works for the near future with them.

Dear friends-

It has been far too long since we last caught up.

2012 was an amazing year for playing live. We had some very memorable intimate performances with our friends, Sleeping At Last, Mariah McManus, Matthew Perryman Jones, and LEAGUES in some of the finest clubs and small theaters we’ve had the privilege to play.

In between live performances, we took some time to visit one of our favorite cities, Portland, OR, where we collaborated with Tucker Martine (Producer of Magic), Matt Chamberlain (Drummer Extraordinaire), Beau Sorensen (Sound Guru), Jacquire King (Master Mix Engineer) and Adrian Belew (Guitar Legend) to build a new Jars of Clay studio record. We could not be more pleased with the results of these collaborations….well, maybe if Adele had sung on it.. that aside… It is an incredibly beautiful record that we can barely wait for you to hear.

We will be making an announcement about the album’s release date and pre-sale options VERY soon.

And speaking of announcements…….


Put this one on your calendar -MARCH 18th at 6pm CST Jars of Clay is performing a “StageIt” Live web concert! Since we have sold out of the original tickets (THANK YOU), we are going to release 50 additional tickets this Wednesday at 10am CST. Our hope is to accommodate more of you on this list because we don’t want you to miss it. Details and tickets can be found here:

20 Years:

It is not lost on this band that we will be celebrating 20 years of music making together. Oh, the pressures of how to celebrate! Do we have piñatas and fireworks? Should we rent out the roller skating rink? Should we have a parade? Maybe just order Chinese food and stay in?

We know one thing. We can’t celebrate without you. So… We are planning an event that will take place in February 2014 with 300 of our favorite patrons. We think there might be vinyl involved, or maybe studio tours, and live performances… but since we never would have made it this long without you… we want your help. What are some ways you think we could celebrate together?

If you have a good idea send it to us at: jarstwenty@gmail.com …..We do have to read through them all so, try to be serious just this once.

New Live EP:

Now for the most important announcement!

We have a new, special live 6-Song EP coming out in on Monday, March 18th.

Jars of Clay “Under the Weather -Live from Sellersville, PA” will be available exclusively from http://www.jarsofclay.com on the 18th…. And we plan to offer some bonus goodies for anyone who downloads it directly from our website as we will throw in a brand new song from the forthcoming new record and some videos, too. The standard 6-song version should be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other places on Tuesday, March 19th.

These performances are some of our favorites and we think you are going to love them. If you did not get a chance to see us play this past year, this is for you. If you did see us play… this is for you.

Well, that is probably enough about us. We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude for your continued passion for Jars of Clay. We hope to see you soon at a show.

All the Best –

Dan, Charlie, Matt, and Steve

Source- Jars of Clay