Featured Band from London, England Beautiful Remnant Group

This group is like a 5-member R&B /Pop/ Rock version of Christian group Point of Grace. I found out about the group through the website musicSUBMIT.com and liked what I both heard and read about them and decided to feature them on the blog.

Here’s some information on the group.

Name: Beautiful Remnant Group

Members: Ify, Lamide, Rachel, Daisy and Chrissie

Record Label: Sonorous Entertainment


Beautiful Remnant Group is five girls from West London, UK. The group was formed in late 2009, after picking up on a natural bond and enjoyment of singing together for their church choir.

With the blessing of DICA (Destiny Christian Assembly), the girls set out to turn their love into a ministry and caught the attention of acclaimed manager Roy Francis. That relationship aided to form the band, and allowed them to grow into their own independence.

In 2010, the girls began working with Face Down Music Group. The sole aim of the new partnership was to keep the uniqueness of the group and perform songs that truly captured their personalities. This gave the girls their USP, which quickly opened doors from UK through to Nashville, working with renowned Otto Price.

Since that time, the dream and vision have created a strong friendship, and a great message wrapped in sultry pop and R&B vocals! As of February 2013 the group signed an agreement with Sonorous Entertainment to release and market their latest single Confidence worldwide. The future holds an open door to take the message far and wide in a way that has never been done before. It’s exciting and sweet, yet truly deep.

The name ‘Beautiful Remnant’ is a testimony to how God takes what is torn and cast aside and makes into something beautiful. The girls are hoping that this image and the commandment of Jesus in Matthew Chapter 16 to go into ‘all the world’ and preach the gospel to every creature, can be conveyed using their eclectic mix of pop, rock and R&B through the Christian music industry and also the secular industry.




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