Interview with Christian Pop Rock Band Lightswitch

Christian pop/rock band Lightswitch is made up of brothers, Abe (Keyboards and Vocals), Gabe (Lead Guitar), Moises (Drums) and Sam Romo (Bass Guitar). Originally from Wisconsin the brothers list their influences to include: Sanctus Real, Coldplay, Delirious, Mutemath and Tree63. The band has performed at; festivals, colleges, youth groups, public and private schools, rallies, Church events, Conferences and several major events including, Lifelight, Hills Alive, Acquire the Fire, and the Carmen & Friends Cruise.

Below is a short interview that band member Abe Romo was kind enough to agree to do with me recently.

1. With the band being made up of 4-brothers what are some of the benefits and are there any negatives to it being all in the family?

(Abe) Wow there are a lot but one thing is we get to hang out a lot more than most brothers. Also it’s a lot easier for us to be on the same page spiritually as well as musically. And technically the band can never break up because we will always be brothers : ) the down side is we are all brothers : ) so we have to get along with each other : ) We do get along for the most part. Maybe a disagreement here and there but it’s never a boxing match : )

2. What are some of the things you hope to accomplish with your music?

(Abe) We really want our music to make a positive impact that’s more than just an emotional feeling. We want out songs to shed a ray of hope that ultimately points to Christ.

3. With the release of your last album you also released a Spanish version of it; do you feel a special calling to Spanish speaking people?

(Abe) We love the Hispanic people and we feel like we can make a big impact on people who don’t have as much Christian music to choose from in their language.

4. What was the best thing that ever happened at one of your concerts?

(Abe) We’ve had so many great things that have happened at our concerts, but the best highlight for me is seeing kids make decisions for Christ. That’s what keeps us going and makes it all worthwhile.

5. With the start of the New Year have you made any new resolutions?

(Abe) To spend more time on Facebook! J/K Haha not exactly but I just bought a house so my New Year’s resolution is to try and pay for it : )

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

(Abe) Yes we have a few singles that we are scheduled to record this coming week! We are really looking forward to getting some new songs out to our friend and fans this year : )

7. Why did you name the band Lightswitch ?

(Abe) We base the name off Romans 13: 12 which say’s: The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. And in a spiritual sense we encourage people to switch from darkness to light; hence the name Lightswitch.

8. Anything we missed covering that you want to leave the readers with?

(Abe) Well we hope we will be able to meet you all in person in a future so please take a moment to visit our website and see if we’ll be in your area some time. Our tour schedule is always being updated so please keep checking back at God loves you and has a plan for your life! So stay strong!

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