Featured Contemporary Christian Group Bound By Him

In my quest to spread the word about good Indie Christian bands on fire for the Lord on the blog my latest find is South Carolina band Bound By Him. Below is some information on them taken from their websites.


Bound By Him is a Contemporary Christian group, BBH sings the “non-traditional” Christian music (if there is such a thing), but they also sing some of the older Gospel hymns, BBH take requests and if time permits, they try to get to all the request . BBH reaches out to all age groups, from the very young to the very “wise”. God has given each group member a very special talent and when God brought these talents together, he knew what he was doing!! It is our hopes that one day we will be able to minister to everyone around the world through our music as well as through our testimonies. God has truly Blessed us, thus far, and as long as we Hold On To God and Stand Still and listen to HIM, he will continue to bless us and our families!!

If you’re interested in booking the band you can contact them at (843)672-3264 or via email at boundbyhim1@hotmail.com.

Group Members:

Brad Jenkins (Lead Vocals)
Richard Jenkins (Lead Guitar)
Joey Tarasiewicz (Bass Guitar/Guitar)
Scott Diggs (Drums)
BBH Pastor/Speaker (James Tarasiewicz)
Joey Tarasiewicz (Sound Check/Set-up/Equipment Manager)

Genres: Christian/Gospel / Contemporary Christian / Christian Rock




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