Boston Christian Punk Rockers A Common Goal Takes a Stand on Their , ‘For God and Country,’ EP

Artist: A Common Goal
Title: ‘For God and Country’ EP

Overall Album Vibe:

A Common Goal is a working man’s punk band from Boston that lets it rip old school style on their, ‘For God and Country,’ EP that’s found on Thumper Punk Records. As the EP’s title, ‘For God and Country,’ implies this band isn’t afraid to take a strong stand for their faith with the wall-to-wall patriotic faith based themes that are found on this EP.

Things get started with the track, “The Cavalry,” a fast paced track that starts off with a scratchy radio sounding recording of a woman saying that, ‘we are the free and unconquerable people of the United States of America.’ The song continues on with lyrics about taking a stand for what’s right.

Next up is, “Lessons,” that deals with learning from our mistakes and sharing, while not preaching at them, what we’ve learned from going through them with others who are going through struggles in their own lives. “Drag You Down,” keeps the up tempo punk music flowing.

“Freedom Fighter,” is about all of those who go around the world willing to fight to preserve our freedoms here in the U.S. This patriotic anthem ends with a chorus of small children singing.

The EP ends with, “Life,” a song that offers up a list of what life shouldn’t and should be about. Some examples of the shouldn’t include; organized religion, fame & riches, political conventions while some things on the should be list are; feeding the homeless, routing for soldiers, friends and most important of all, Heaven, faith and Christ.

The band is working on a new full length album that’s due out sometime in early 2013. The first single from that upcoming album, “Blessings and Battles” can be viewed here,

While things have gotten better over the years still some misguided Christians look down on punk rockers because of their appearance and the music style itself but having been around a lot of different types of people over the years when it comes time for spiritual warfare I wouldn’t want anyone else beside me in battle then an army of Christian punk rockers.

Standout Tracks: “The Cavalry”, “Drag You Down”, “Freedom Fighter”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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