Christian Music Awards Yea or Nay?

Recently I’ve gotten several press releases in regards to Christian Music Awards and it got me thinking should we even have awards for Christian music?

I have no problem with secular music awards but as I grow older and think more about it I’m starting to think that maybe there shouldn’t be any Christian music awards. My main line of thought is should we really be giving special attention to artist for their music? Isn’t their talent from God, so shouldn’t we be giving Him the credit? I know artist usually start off their acceptance speeches by thanking God, then why not cut out the middle man and just give one big award thanking God?

What makes Christian music artist so special that they need to be singled out for their achievements?

Do we have a best Christian plumber, electrician or nurse award? How about best Christian janitor?

That’s my thoughts on the subject but I’d be glad to hear your thoughts, especially if you think that the award shows are a good thing. You can leave a comment under this posting to let me and everyone else know your thoughts on the subject.

One note due to some people that like to Spam or curse I need to moderate the comments, be assured though that I will approve your comment unless it falls into one of the previously mentioned categories.

By C.W. Ross


2 thoughts on “Christian Music Awards Yea or Nay?

  1. Music is the great way for entertainment. Winning awards for the same is really a great feel for anyone. So, in my views, its great feeling. As i also listen some great christian music from Benjah collections.

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