Featured Band Calling Jonah

I was lucky enough to find out about the band Calling Jonah during a recent visit to Noisetrade.com’s website. This Texas band plays an up tempo blend of pop/rock meets modern worship music with song lyrics that are filled with messages of hope and God’s love.

The bands 3-song EP, ‘Making Sense of Me,’ is filled with really clean crisp music with lyrics that cut right to the heart and bring out tears of joy for those already saved and offer up hope for those still seeking out God. You can download the band’s EP from NoiseTrade, the link to it can be found below.

The band also campaigns for the organization, One Child Matters, http://www.onechildmatters.org. One Child Matters’ website describes their organization as, “One Child Matters is an organization with a long history and hope for the future. As an internationally respected child development ministry, One Child Matters seeks to demonstrate the love of Jesus to children in poverty by meeting their basic needs and providing opportunities for development and growth. Our goal is to show each child that he or she matters in this world – matters to us, the sponsors, and most importantly, to God.”

Band Members:

Tanner Hodges, Wade Beason, Walter Hendrickson, Jace Beason, and Michael Johnson.

Related Website’s:


You need to listen to Calling Jonah’s music and let all of your friends know about them.


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