Bob Hendren’s Latest Release, ‘Eternity’s Song,’ is filled with Soulful Blues Rock Music

Artist: Bob Hendren
Title: ‘Eternity’s Song’

Overall Album Vibe:

Bob Hendren is a very talented musician with a long history but it wasn’t until 2009 that he released his debut album, ‘Everyone Knows,’ that was pretty much a one man project handling all of the instrumentation and recording of it by himself. For his latest release, ‘Eternity’s Song, Hendren wanted to go in a new direction bringing in Jay Koder to produce the album along with a group of talented musicians from the Portland, Oregon area to play on it.

Hendren also wanted a natural sounding sound on the album. He said that, “our goal was to make a recording that sounded like you were in a room with great acoustics listening to some great players. We wanted vibe over perfection and didn’t try to sanitize the parts.”

Style wise the ten tracks that make up, ‘Eternity’s Song,’ range from roots rock to blues with the common thread being the lead vocals of Bob Hendren that fit each song like a snug musical glove. The backing vocals found on the songs also bring something good to the mix adding another rich layer of depth to the music.

The up tempo rock track, “I’m Alive,” gets things off to a strong start. The song deals with taking the time in your life to slow down and reflect on and be thankful for just how blessed we really are in our lives.

The next track I want to talk about is, “It is Jesus Who Called Me,” a mid tempo roots rock number about dealing with tough times in life. The song is driven by its male/female (Ellen Whyte) vocal mix that reminded me of a Johnny and June Carter Cash song as I listened to it.

The last song I want to talk about is the album’s title track, “Eternity’s Song.” The track is a gritty blues/ rock number lasting for 6:32. The song was written by Hendren during a tough time in his life and deals with life and death and our limited perspective of it along with the need to take advantage of every second we’re given in our lifetime.

Like any good chef will tell you to make a good dish of food it must not only taste good but also must be pleasing to the eyes. The same can be said for music, no matter how good the music is, if you don’t have nice packaging and related material to go along with it the total experience will be lacking. Hendren has done his homework and the packaging is pleasing to the eye and offers up useful information, while the included song booklet includes all of the song lyrics.

You’ll also find a detailed account of the album’s recording process, including several health related issues that had to be overcome during the time of it on Hendren’s website.

Review Tagline: Bob Hendren’s Latest Release, ‘Eternity’s Song,’ opens your heart, soul and mind as its blues and rock based songs fill your speakers.

Standout Tracks: “I’m Alive”, “It Is Jesus Who Called Me”, “Eyes of the Lord”, “Eternity’s Song”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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