Review for The Sunrise, ‘We Have Not Heard,’ Release

Artist:The Sunrise
Title: ‘We Have Not Heard’

Overall Album Vibe:

‘We Have Not Heard’ is the second album from The Sunrise who are self-proclaimed ‘Jesus People.’ Joining them on the release are special guest artist, legendary guitarist Phil Keaggy and Crosby Stills Nash & Young drummer Joe Vitale.

‘We Have Not Heard’ hearkens back to the late 60s and 70s style known as, ‘Jesus Music,’ Band member James Mileti says, “I remember the way albums by Keith Green, Love Song and 2nd Chapter of Acts made me feel,” continuing on saying, “I want to recreate that feeling of worship and conviction in a musical form that serious music fans will enjoy. We’ve put together top notch musicians, interesting arrangements and thought provoking lyrics, like Christian musicians used to regularly do, to spur the listener into action for Jesus!”

No time is wasted getting things cranking on the album with the opening title track, “We Have Not Heard (feat. Phil Keaggy and Joe Vitale),” a song about getting right with God while there’s still time. The next two tracks, “Judgement Day (feat. Phil Keaggy)” and “Like The Sunrise (feat. Phil Keaggy),” both offer up quality guitar work from Keaggy.

While The Sunrise’s music might be built on a foundation of retro Jesus Music they add their own fresh take to it resulting in music that is meant to get your attention and inspire you to seek out and worship Jesus Christ.

Review Tagline: I’m just old enough to remember the Jesus Movement of the 70s and I get that same feeling of peace and love along with a desire to draw even closer to Jesus that I got back then. Any music that can achieve that is well worth listening to.

Standout Tracks: “Relax”, “Where Were You”, “Purposeful and True”, “The Jesus Movement”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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