Liberty n’ Justice’s Latest All-Star Musical Project is a two CD Set Made up of Original and Cover Songs that Rock Hard

Artist: Liberty n’ Justice
Title: ‘The Cigar Chronicles’

Overall Album Vibe:

If you’re in the mood for a lot of music then the latest all-star project from Liberty n’ Justice entitled, ‘The Cigar Chronicles,’ will fit the bill with 2 CDs and a total of 26 songs that are found on it. The ‘Volume 1’ CD is filled with covers of well-known hit songs while ‘Volume 2′ is made up of original songs.

Of the 2 CDs personally I liked the originals more, although there were a few cover tracks that caught my attention. I’ll talk about them first. I liked the hard rock edged that’s found on the cover of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” featuring Seann Nicols (Adler’s Appetite/ Tarsha) & Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister). I also liked, “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” that was made famous by U2. The song stays pretty true to the original just pumping up the guitar parts making them a little bit more hard rock edged. The track features, CJ Snare (Firehouse/ Rubicon Cross), George Lynch (Dokken/ Lynch Mob) and Jeff Pilson (Dokken/ Foreigner). The last cover track I want to mention is Carly Simon’s, “You’re So Vain.” Even though the track featuring, Phil Lewis (LA Guns) & Chris Green (Rubicon Cross/ Furyon) is very different sounding from the original and offers up male lead vocals it still worked for me. From the original’s CD hard rocking tracks, “The Greatest,” featuring, David Cagle, Mark Allen Lanoue (Chasing Karma/ Bilioxi), & Brad Stetler, “Been There Done That,” featuring, Ted Poley (Danger Danger) & Richard Kendrick (Straitjacket Smile), “Give Em’ A Light,” Paul Shortino (King Kobra/ Quiet Riot/ Rough Cutt) & Dave Henzerling (King Kobra/Steelshine), and “Cut Me Mick” with Ron Keel (Keel) & Michael Phillips (Deliverance/ The Sacrificed) all grabbed my attention. I also liked the more melodic track, “Under Construction,” with Eric Dover (Slash’s Snakepit/Jelly Fish), Mark Kendall (Great White), Ian Keith Hafner (Jaguar Blaze) & Eric Ragno and “Daddy Long Legs” with Louis St August (Mass) & Tim Gaines (Stryper) that that lets a little bit of Christian sexuality mixed with light hearted comedy ooze out of it.

If you’re a fan of these all-star projects you better get this one because, “LNJ will stop being a project and start being a band that will feature JK Northrup (King Kobra/ Northrup-Shortino/ XYZ) on guitars, Eric Ragno (China Blue/ Graham Bonnet/ Ted Poley) on keyboards, Justin Murr (LNJ founding member) on bass and David Cagle on lead vocals,” says the man behind all of these projects Justin Murr.

Review Tagline: On his latest musical project, ‘The Cigar Chronicles,’ Justin Murr once again uses his skills to put together an all star cast of musicians and pounds out a collection of 26 both original and cover songs that really rock it out.

Standout Tracks: “The Greatest”, “Been There Done That”, “Give Em’ A Light”, “Under Construction”

Review by C.W. Ross


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