Christian Singer-Songwriter Dez Childs’ Music Shines Brightly on Her Debut Release,’Heart Cry’

Artist: Dez Childs
Title: ‘Heart Cry’

Overall Album Vibe:

I found out about Dez Child’s music through the Internet music promotion service Music SUBMIT. Dez’s music is singer-songwriter meets rock in style. ‘Heart Cry’ is her debut release and it doesn’t take long listening to it to know that this is one very talented person with a heart for serving the Lord.

Her music is geared toward getting people to stop chasing shallow Earthly desires like, money, fame and pleasure and instead concentrate more on repentance and seeking out God’s desires for your life.

Highlight tracks include, “Running Out of Time,” an up-tempo rock edged track about needing to make the decision for your salvation while you still have the time. “Don’t Belong,” is a nice track about not needing to fit in with what the world thinks is right and be doing; instead setting your heart on Heavenly goals and rewards. The album’s title track, “Heart Cry,” is a pop style song about desiring to get back to having that same burning desire that you once had when you first come to know the Lord. “Wherever I Wander,” is a nice up tempo rock track about wandering from our path and God’s perfect love.

Review Tagline: Dez Child is a talented artist but more important is the fact that she has a burning desire to reach others with God’s word through her music.

Standout Tracks: “Running Out of Time”, “Don’t Belong”, “Heart Cry”, “Wherever I Wander”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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