Review for Christian Punk Rock Band 180 OUT’s New Album ‘Black & White’

Artist: 180 OUT
Title: ‘Black & White’

Overall Album Vibe:

The trio of 180 OUT (Joe Dukes- guitar and vocals, Grace Dukes- bass and vocals and Spencer Dukes- drums and vocals) is at its core a punk band but they layer on top of that solid foundation a wide range of other retro styles (rockabilly, funk, surf) to achieve their end sound.

The band’s desire is simple, but powerful, wanting to be seed planters of faith. The band says, “We want to live offensively for Christ. We are not ashamed of the gospel. We are all about turning 180 OUT from the ways of this world and following the ways of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We hope to share that in our music and in our lives. We enjoy bringing the message of hope, love and joy that is found only in a personal relationship with Him.”

The bands new release, ‘Black & White,’ is their first in two years. As I listen to each new album that I’m going to be writing a review for if I like a particular song found on it I’ll add a star or two in my notes as I listen to it. Usually I’ll end up with a few stars by a couple of the songs but after listening to180 OUT’s ‘Black & White,’ my note page looked like the American flag with stars all over the place. There really wasn’t one bad song that I found on the entire release, it was just a matter of good and great ones.

I could write my review for ‘Black & White’ with only two words- Buy This! But there’s too much to stop there this album grabs you from the first track, “Lifeguard,” an up tempo pop punk track about having a soul winning faith life. The album’s title track, “Black & White,” is a rock song with an edge that deals with salvation in a just the facts way. “Listen to Me,” is another rocking track about God’s grace. “He Wants to Know You,” is a powerful modern worship track featuring dual male/female lead vocals. While the song only last for 2:45 minutes I could see this song going on for 10 minutes of more at a live performance with its powerful call to true worship. “I Will Wait,” is a track about remaining pure until marriage. The track really works with its lead female and male backing vocals. Things end just as they started, very strong, with the closing track, “My God is Bigger”, that deals with the fact that there’s nothing we can do or need that’s bigger then God’s grace, love and healing powers for us.

Review Tagline: This band has that something extra that only a rare few have where faith meets music in an explosion of heavenly goodness.

Standout Tracks: “Black & White”, “He Wants to Know You”, “I Will Wait”, “My God is Bigger”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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