Christian Band 180 OUT Announces New Album “Black & White” Digital Downloads Available Now and Preorder CDs

Regardless of musical taste, you can’t help but get up into the front row with 180 OUT and become a part of what they are doing! A musical combination of 50’s rockabilly, 60’s surf/punk, 70’s funk, and 80’s rock infused with today’s punk sound, create a unique experience and sound that is absolutely captivating.

From San Diego, California, 180 OUT features catchy melodies and strong Truthful lyrics penned by Joe Dukes,with bass and vocal support by Grace Dukes, and back beat provided by Spencer Dukes. So, take off your Doc Martens and put on your Chuck Taylors, and get ready to dance! Song list includes:

1. Lifeguard
2. Black & White
3. Big Dollar Man
4. Listen To Me
5. I Don’t Understand
6. He Wants To Know You
7. Love Speaks Truth
8. What if You’re Wrong
9. I Will Wait
10. My God is Bigger

Download your copy now at the Thumper Punk Records bandcamp site ( or shortly from iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, and all the usual suspects. Preorder your CD now at for delivery by the end of the month.

Find out more about 180 OUT at:

Thumper Punk Records ( helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.

Source- Thumper Punk Records


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