Modern Worship Band Young Oceans’ Self-Titled Release Will Feed Your Soul

Artist: Young Oceans
Title: ‘Young Oceans’

Overall Album Vibe:

If you’re looking for some light worship music to just throw on and half listen to then this release isn’t for you, if you’re looking for a deep praise and worship session with God though then this is exactly what you need. The ten songs that make up this self-titled release from the Trinity Grace Church (located in New York City) worship band is filled with modern praise and worship songs that will soak into the deepest parts of your soul.

The songs are filled with unbridled passion and aren’t set to some radio friendly time table, instead the songs continue on for five, six, seven, up to ten minutes until all that needs to be said has been. I also liked the way the songs offer up rich instrumentation that range from soft piano and acoustic guitar sounds to amped up echoing electric guitar, keyboards and thunderous drum beats. The songs also feature little moments of silence that are found near the end of several of them that act as almost an invitation to open up and add in your own spiritual thoughts.

Review Tagline: If you like your praise and worship sessions to feel like a good hearty meat and potatoes’ meal then Young Oceans songs will supply the music to stir and feed your soul.

Standout Tracks: “Great Is Our God”, “Nothing Beside Jesus”, “Hope Of Glory”,

Review by C.W. Ross


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