StompTown Revival’s Debut EP is Filled with Loads of Well Done Spiritual Roots Filled Blues Rock Music

Artist: StompTown Revival
Title: ‘StompTown Revival’ EP

Overall Album Vibe:

StompTown Revival is the duo of Gabe Martinez (Circleslide) and solo Artist/producer (Stacie Orrico, Matthew James, Amber Pacific) Brandon Bee. The two first met in 2004 at a music retreat in Seattle, WA, and when a Circleslide guitarist injured his hand, Bee became the substitute player.  Since then the two have remained close friends and with their common love of American Blues music it was only time until the two got together musically.

“We wrote two songs that sounded like Americana bluesy music,” explains Bee. “We’re both managed by the same guy, and he showed up and wanted to hear the songs. I was playing a dobro, Gabe was playing harmonica and acoustic guitar. Our manager loved it and thought there was definitely something there. Hence, the birth of our new brand of music we refer to as spiritual stomp.” “We didn’t really intend to make a record,” Martinez adds. “We were just writing for the sheer joy of it. It was spontaneous and organic, with a sense of friendship and community, like we’re hanging around the campfire together.”

The self-titled 6-track EP is on Save the City Records and distributed by Provident Distribution. The EP opens with, “Guiding Me Home,” a track that gets things off to a fast start with its up-tempo about following God’s guidance for our lives. “Anthem of Love,” is a rocking, distorted guitars, worship track. “The Sun Will Find a Way,” is a roots rock guitar and harmonica filled track about redemption and calling on God’s strength to help get us through life’s ups and downs. The band also does a nice cover of the well known hymn, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” that has a folk rock vibe and features some well placed handclaps.

You also need to visit the band’s unique website where fans can log-in for citizenship and even become mayor!  “Our marketing strategy focused on creating a virtual town, StompTown USA, and  targets those who long for real, authentic organic music, ” says Keith Stancil, President, Artist Garden Entertainment and Vice President, Marketing, Save The City Records. “We implemented an internet campaign soliciting citizenship in order to build a fanbase before anyone had heard the music.  Citizens can earn points which give them access to special goodies and the person with the most points becomes Mayor.  The response has been incredible!”

Review Tagline: StompTown Revival’s music is roots filled blues/ rock music with lyrics that are filled with God’s hope and strength for us.

Standout Tracks: “Guiding Me Home”, “Anthem of Love”, “The Sun Will Find a Way”, “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms”

Review by C.W. Ross


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