Review for Christian Pop Rock Band Remedy Drive’s Latest Album, ‘Resuscitate’

Artist: Remedy Drive
Title: ‘Resuscitate’

Overall Album Vibe:

The Zach brother’s band Remedy Drive met with much success but brothers Daniel, Paul and Phillip decided that it was time to leave the band for a more predictable lifestyle. With only brother David Zach left a decision had to be made to let the band go or rebuild it with a new, brother-less, line up. After talking it over with the parted brothers and receiving their blessing to carry on with the Remedy Drive band moniker David moved from his Midwest home to Nashville and started the process of finding new band members. Joining remaining band member David Zach (lead vocals, guitar, and electric piano) are new band members, Timmy Jones (drums), Dave Mohr (guitar) and Corey Horn (bass).

The new lineup did previously release a 5 song EP entitled “Light Makes a Way,” but ‘Resuscitate’ is the group’s first full length release and it’s found on Centricity Music. Famed producer Pete Kipley (Kutless, Matthew West and Mark Schultz) was also brought on board for the new album.

Most of the music found on, ‘Resuscitate,’ falls into the pop and rock categories, although on songs like,”Make it Bright” and “Resuscitate Me” the band isn’t afraid to amp up the guitar parts and rock grit factor and go in a more hard edged direction. Other notable tracks include the piano leadpop number, “Lost Cause,” the synth filled pop song, “Don’t Forget” and the up tempo worshipful track, “Glory,” The main theme of the album is about standing strong and not losing hope,no matter how many difficult things that you may be going through in your life, to never lose hope knowing that God hasn’t left you and will see you through your problems. Band frontman David Zach says that, “We’re all in the same war with the same doubts, messes and fears that keep coming around,” David concludes, “but we can’t look back. We have to go forward andbe moved by redemption.”  

Review Tagline: Lucky for us David Zach decided to keep Remedy Drive alive minus his fellow brothers, because the music that’s found on the new band lineup’s first full length release,’Resuscitate,’ is packed with wall-to-wall goodness that both entertains and offers up manna for the weary soul.

Standout Tracks: “Lost Cause”, “Don’t Forget”, “Resuscitate Me”, “Make it Bright”, “Glory”

Review by C.W. Ross


2 thoughts on “Review for Christian Pop Rock Band Remedy Drive’s Latest Album, ‘Resuscitate’

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